Sperian introduces Laser-Gard® Eyewear

Pilots and law enforcement personnel around the globe are increasingly exposed to green and red lasers that cause an immediate distraction. This is especially hazardous during landing and take-off from airports. It can cause temporary flash blindness and create a critical situation in the cockpit, unless the pilots are wearing suitable eye protection.

Since 1968 when Sperian Protection introduced the first laser visors for the US Air Force, Sperian has been the world leader in laser eyewear and avionic light management solutions. Drawing on their 40 years of experience, Sperian Protection is proud to introduce their patent pending Laser-Gard® Sunglasses.

Laser-Gard® Sunglasses significantly reduce the threat posed by powerful green and red lasers and laser pointers, while simultaneously providing the UV and glare protection offered by high quality sunglasses. By combining narrow band notch laser dyes and proprietary know-how, Sperian has produced the ultimate in safety eyewear designed specifically for personnel who are exposed to green and red laser pointers.

Available in a choice of frame styles which feature multiple adjustments and comfort features, these patented lenses are available in two versions to ensure that pilots and law enforcement personnel are protected around the clock:

  • Soothing bronze coloured sunglass tint for the day
  • Unique salmon coloured lens that provides excellent night time vision

Laser-Gard® Sunglasses combine laser protection with traffic signal colour-recognition and unparalleled comfort, making it possible for anyone exposed to these lasers to do their job safely and effectively.

Lens Colour

Provides protection in these regions




Day time



Night time

About Sperian Laser

SPERIAN® is the new brand name for GLENDALE®. The Sperian laser division specializes in laser safety products, patient eyewear and absorptive filter technology. All Sperian filters are manufactured to stringent European and ANSI standards in an ISO-certified, state-of-the-art facility. Sperian Protection and its predecessor companies have been serving the laser industry since 1968 when GPT Glendale first supplied the US military with radiation filters. Since then, the company has continued to be a reference leader for laser safety protection, offering innovative solutions to the challenges presented by emerging technologies.

About Sperian Protection

With nearly 6000 employees worldwide, Sperian Protection serves the global personal protective equipment (PPE) industry, providing hearing, eye, respiratory, fall, body and hand protection. As a world leader in multiple PPE categories, Sperian is committed to offering innovative products adapted to high-risk environments so that workers in the manufacturing and services industries can work with confidence. For more information, please visit http://www.sperianprotection.com/. Sperian Protection is listed on Euronext's Eurolist and on the SBF120. It is eligible for the SRD deferred settlement system.